Admission to classes 5 to 10 (for the new academic year) are completed in the first week of May by the Principal. Pupils and their parents should come
personally, fill in the application form, and be interviewed by the Principal.

A photostat copy of the Annual Progress Report should be submitted at the time of the interview.

Admissions are provisional until the School Leaving Certificate from the previous school is submitted.

Pupils coming from recognized schools outside the state must have the School Leaving Certificate countersigned by the Education Officer of that State.

Pupils coming from unrecognized schools will have to appear for a written test in all subjects. An affidavit before a Stipendiary Magistrate must be made, stating clearly:

(a) the reason why the pupil did not join a recognized school;

(b) the name of the unrecognized school attended;

(c) the standard attended and subjects studied by him;

(d) the examination passed, if any

(e) the date of birth.

Such admissions are provisional subject to approval by the Educational Inspector.

New pupils will be admitted subject to there being a vacancy in the class.

Admission Fees paid will not be refunded if the pupil leaves the school immediately after the admission has been granted.

Parents and guardians are informed that admissions are strictly on merit of the pupils.

Any effort to secure an admission through dubious means will debar a pupil from getting admisson. No letters of recommendation will be entertained.


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